Pawel Mroz, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota; Medical Director, Hematology Core Laboratories, M Health Fairview

Pawel Mroz, MD, PhD is board certified in anatomic and clinical pathology with expertise in hematopathology and molecular genetic pathology. Dr. Mroz’s early research interests included translational applications of photodynamic therapy for cancer treatment as well as investigating the role of tumor associated antigens and T regulatory cells in anti-tumor immune response. As a current Minnesota Learning Health System Scholar, he has been involved in development of a clinical-grade pharmacogenomics assay in the Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory and the ongoing clinical implementation of the PGx testing program across M Health Fairview Pharmacies and Clinics. His involvement with pharmacogenomics includes collaborations on the PGx Grand Challenge and a multi-institutional Clinical Decision Support Content Review Committee for PGx testing. He has also co-developed and validated a web-based clinical decision support system for pharmacogenomics called Go4PGx.


Case Studies in Pharmacogenomic Assays and Phenotype Calls

3:30–4:15 PM (CDT)
Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Pawel Mroz